MU 3900 Office

System MU3900 Office> is ideal for solutions that require advanced sound insulation and aesthetics.

The system is characterised by its minimalistic linear design – thin aluminium caps are the only visible profiles, available in all colours including anodized finishes. Glass, wood or plasterboard panels can be placed in the system.

Adjustable blinds can also be applied between the glass. Mounting is done on a concealed solid aluminium frame, secured with a modern, thin profile design. MU3900 Office is simple to construct with quick and easy installation, even in areas currently in operation without requiring any prior preparation.

The main characteristics of the system include:

  • Excellent sound insulation. Sound reduction of up to 45DB.
  • Minimalistic modern design concept.
  • Multiple paneling and glazing options, up to 12mm thickness for panels and up to 8mm thickness for glass.
  • Various material types such as wood, glass and panels can be used for doors, as well as in combinations.
  • Variable angle walls allow construction of any partition combination or configuration.
  • Variable height partitions for open plan office layout.
  • Specialised profiles for levelling of uneven floor and roof surfaces for correct installation of the upper and lower horizontal transoms.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Structure Thickness - 82mm.
  • Sound Reduction - 45DB.
  • Glazing - Double.